"Transferring research results into society is key to our welfare" - Interview with Paul Van Dun

IP Stories

20-09-2023 • 36 mins

Paul Van Dun is the General Manager of KU Leuven's Technology Transfer unit. To give a bit of context - about 200 findings are reported by researchers from the KU Leuven Association to their IP department. From these findings, in 2022, 144 patents were granted, resulting in a total of 825 active patent families in KU Leuven’s portfolio. Paul talks to us about his unplanned journey and the wide range of interests that have led him to his current position; also, about not losing sight of, what should be, the main goal of research, and the key elements that he sees in successful startups.  This episode is part of a tech transfer special, a series of interviews to better understand the transfer of knowledge from research centres, universities and laboratories, to the industry and our lives.

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