Dan Frost with Insights on How to Turning Swing Thoughts into Feels

On the Mark Golf Podcast

20-11-2023 • 41 mins

Dan Frost is a DP World Tour Instructor and the Founder of "Sure Golf." Recognized as one of the leading golf instructors in the game, Dan is extremely well read and exceptionally knowledgeable.   He has dedicated his life to discovering the "Why and How of Golf" and is versed in many fields across the spectrum of performance.

Dan joins #OntheMark to talk about a few of the Golf Training Aids he has developed, specifically the "Swing Connector" and the 'Sure Set."

In highlighting the training aids, Dan talks about the elements required to build a reliable golf-swing that delivers a consistent and solid strike on the golf ball.

  • He identifies the challenges of turning cerebral Swing Thoughts into Feels for success on the course.
  • He elaborates on the value of Sensations before Information for more effective learning.
  • He talks about two important factors to good ball-striking - Connection and Compression.
  • Dan highlights how to create golf-swings that are wide with consistent Approach Paths.
  • He delves into the values of good Forearm and Wrist Relationships and Alignments for good contact, shot-trajectory and control, and
  • He talks about Shaft-lean and the requisite Hand-action to promote it.

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