Terry Hashimoto on how to Exploit Ground Reaction Forces Correctly

On the Mark Golf Podcast

16-01-2024 • 54 mins

Terry Hashimoto is the founder of Jazz Golf in Canada, a co-developer of the BodiTrak Golf Pressure Mapt, and inventor of the world's first inertial measuring unit for golf and other major golf products.  He is a PGA Professional and one of the foremost experts in the field of Pressure Mapping and Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and he joins #OntheMark to teach you the mechanics of building a good golf-swing from the ground up.

He talks about GRF at length and illustrates important charts and data that pertain to the "Flow of Energy" with specific regard to:

  • Efficient and Inefficient Pressure Traces,
  • The Center of Pressure and what it represents,
  • Velocity Charts and how Peak Velocity is created, and
  • Vertical Forces, what they are, how they are exploited and when they are exploited in the swing.

He also shows the differences between Professionals and Amateurs, Long Drivers and Short Drivers.  He shows what Long Hitters do in the swing for power and he describes and illustrates Power Address and Impact positions.

He talks about Rotary, Lateral and Vertical Forces in the swing and when and how they should be used, and he shows how Pressure Mapping and the correct use of the ground can mitigate injuries.

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