Seth Pepper Helps You to Unlimit Your Potential and Perform Fearlessly

On the Mark Golf Podcast

21-01-2024 • 51 mins

Seth Pepper is a former World Champion and #1 Ranked Swimmer in the World.  He has also been a multiple National Champion and All-American at the University of Arizona.

Seth is now an elite High-Performance Mental Coach and helps athletes of differing sporting codes, including PGA TOUR and LPGA golfers, perform fearlessly and achieve their best under pressure.

Seth joins #OntheMark to share his incredible story.  A story of a young man who had a dream to become a champion and an Olympian.  A young man who was obsessed with discovering the secrets to success and unlocking the path to greatness.  A young man who worked hard, competed without concern, and rose to the top of his game and became a champion.

As Seth tells his story he weaves (1) Life Lessons, (2) Insights on How to Make Winning a Lifestyle, and (3) Llessons on How to Practice and Compete with No Limits or Fear.

Concepts discussed include:

  • The Blueprint of Greatness
  • Building a Lifestyle of Winning
  • Learning from Failures
  • Personalities that are likely to become Champions
  • Sacrifice and Intrinsic Motivations
  • Strategy and not Story as a Mindset
  • Stoicism and realizing Resistance is the Way
  • Repeat Exposure to Train the Mind, and
  • The "Performance Battlefield" and (1) Relationships to Success, Failure and Pressure, and (2) Reframing Uncomfortable.

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