Kip Puterbaugh on Things You Know that Can Ruin Your Game

On the Mark Golf Podcast

04-12-2023 • 50 mins

Kip Puterbaugh is one of the all-time instructors in golf.  He was worked with Major Champions and PGA TOUR and LPGA players alike and has coached winners like Scott Simpson, Larry Mize, Loren Roberts and Dennis Paulson.

Kip was schooled at the University of Houston under legendary coach, Dave Williams, and then played as a professional under the guidance of PGA TOUR legend, Gene Littler.  After a brief competitive stint he turned his attention to golf instruction and quickly became one of the most sought-after minds in the game.

A published author, Kip joins #OntheMark to discuss golf and his book "What You Know (about Golf) Can Hurt You."

Kip highlights and elaborates on his Top 10 Golf Instruction Myths, including "Swinging to Fast" and "Coming Over the Top."

He then dives into the concept of Hand-Path and how the Handle of the Club moves in the downswing and through impact.  As he does so he also details concepts like: Shaft Lean, Casting and Club-lag, Proper Wrist Alignments, Arm Action and Movement and Grip Pressure.

He then shares a cool story about Lee Trevino and how Ben Hogan described the "Flat Spot" of the golf-swing.  He also shows his "Whirlybird" practice drill to help golfers find the proper wrist alignments in the downswing and at impact.

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