How to Get Your Body into the Best Shape for Better Golf with Matt McKay

On the Mark Golf Podcast

20-02-2024 • 53 mins

Matt McKay (BS Kinesiology - Purdue University) is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Professional and CHEK Institute Golf Performance Specialist based at The PGA TOUR Golf Academy at The World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL.

He joins #OntheMark to help you to better physical shape for better golf-swings and improved performance.

Matt addresses his 5 tenets for improving physical condition and well-being:

  • Gaining Self Awareness & Education
  • Improving Posture & Pelvis Positions
  • Improving Pelvis Control & Core Stability
  • Improving Footwork and Balance, and
  • Improving Athleticism by Moving - Walking, Throwing, Jumping, etc

He also illustrates and describes (videos on YouTube) 3 Exercises that will lead to fulfillment of his 5 beliefs:

  1. Glute Activation and the Bridge pose
  2. Knee to Full Plank exercise, and
  3. Single Leg Balancing

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