EP 27: SAS Conserve - Introducing Water Conservation in A New Light

The Real Estate Lab

04-05-2020 • 1 hr


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Outline of the Episode:

•[04:40] The Cowboys and Sooners in Kelly’s family and her Princess Potty nickname. How did she get that odd title?

•[08:24] Anselmo’s photo with his dad near the Eiffel Tower. If given a chance, what would he talk about with his favorite person? Who is this favorite person?

•[10:05] Installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures in the multifamily channel, potentially boosting asset values by almost $770,000 for 200 units in about five years

•[12:00] Their due diligence process: conducting studies on 100% of the units, going into each unit, measuring data, and documenting leaks.

•[14:00] Most typical kinds of leaks. You never know what you can find in each unit. How much water is wasted?

•[18:00] Sending a letter to tenants to save water vs. installing high-efficiency fixtures. How tenants act when they have a RUB System in place.

•[22:45] Tools used to measure the flow and listen for leaks. You’ll be surprised to see the differences between each toilet!

•[29:00] How affordable are the services and maintenance offered?

•[29:55] The destruction that water can cause to households. Better check these out on your own houses or units!

•[32:19] What’s in it for passive investors? Isn’t this for owners only?

•[40:30] Can you still get help even if you don’t have a sizable number of units? Are there free consultations?

•[42:00] Fees, other costs, and how much can be done in a single day. How early can you see the benefits?

•[43:26] Anselmo’s journey throughout the country walking on different properties. Kelly’s recollection of doing a water assessment between buildings while wearing high heels.

•[46:30] The changes made in consideration for the quarantine, reducing the fear from tenants, keeping own employees safe, and preparing for when the restrictions are lifted.

•[50:10] The great benefits of using low flow toilets, how much they cost, and warranties. They’re virtually maintenance-free, so you might want to check it out!

•[57:40] After-social distancing plans!

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