Drk in Drk 03.11.2021

Drk in Drk

08-11-2021 • 1 hr 14 mins

Online Radio Show recorded live on November 3rd 2021. The show went live on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and on Radio Dark Tunnel and is rebroadcasted on Wax Radio Indianapolis. In this show I played "Expedition 66" by Blast Attack (@blastattack), "The Journey" by Le Castle Vania (@lecastlevania) + SKUM (@officialskum), "Roll" by Zabo (@zabo), "Crawling" by NNHMN (@nnhmn), "Only Now (feat. Fox Kraft [@foxkraft])" by Creator, "Darkness (feat. Angst Vor Greta [@angstvorgreta])" by Austher (@austehr) & "The Gardens of Desolation" by Vêtu de Noir(@vetudenoir).