Drk in Drk 06.04.2022

Drk in Drk

08-04-2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

Online Radio Show recorded live on April 6th 2022. The show went live on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and on Radio Dark Tunnel and is rebroadcasted on Wax Radio Indianapolis. In this show I played "Searching For Love" by Coolmowee (@coolmowee), "Who's Gonna Walk The Line (feat. VainnSancrosanct)" by First Aid 4 Souls (@firstaid4souls), "I am Overlord" by Matt Hart (@matthartmusic1), "What Is Mine" by Sapphira Vee (@sapphira-official), "Nazi Goths Fuck Off" by Suzi Sabotage(@suzisabotage) & "Zurück In Den Wald" by Sodomy Down The Cross (@sodomydownthecross).