Drk in Drk


Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, from a young age Maldoror has been attracted to everything creative, perhaps to compensate for some lack of diversified offers in his hometown. From acting, to writing plays, performances in an alternative circus or singing in bands, he has always found himself through giving wings to his imagination and curiosity while challenging the norm and what dominates the culture in any given time. That was the reason why he began djing. In true punk spirit, if no one is playing what you would love to dance... do it yourself! He started Critical Party, a project with his friend Alcifer, playing alternative, industrial and goth music, while inviting other performance artists and incorporating them, whenever they could. At the same time he began creating mixtapes and a bit created Drk in Drk Radio Show and started broadcasting it on Radio Dark Tunnel, and later on, on his own YouTube channel. He also kept solo djing whenever invited. The end of Critical Party started a period more dedicated to his online presence, with the creation of a website, online store, Facebook and Instagram pages that, together, gave him the platform to make new connections and invitations to make podcasts for others. By then, the project was already a duo, with the other member dedicated to the visual design aspect of the channels and their content. That has also helped to give Maldoror an edge in the social media sea and boosted his name. Nowadays, besides making regular mixtapes, for him and others, Maldoror has four online shows through YouTube and Twitch, dedicated to the darkest side of electronic music, and one of them with the constant participation of international guests. As for the future... who knows what’s next? Contacts & Booking: maldoror81@gmail.com

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Drk in Drk 27.04.2022
1 hr 2 mins
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