The Blueprint: ATP Media’s Nick Bourne

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

29-08-2023 • 36 mins

In conversation with the Chief Strategy Officer at the commercial media arm of the ATP Tour.

This is the Blueprint, the podcast brought to you by Leaders and Deltatre about straightforward strategic thinking in sport.

This series teases out insights from leading industry executives about how they strategise. They’ll provide a fresh perspective on sport’s most recognisable organisations, with real life examples of where strategy worked (or didn’t).

This episode features Nick Bourne, whose role as Chief Strategy Officer at ATP Media is to lead the organisation’s build out of new services and capabilities built on centralised data, content and platforms – and support the wider business' development as the sports media rights market continues to transform. Bourne joins Leaders’ Content Director David Cushnan and Deltatre’s Commercial Strategy Lead Max Barnett for an insightful discussion around execution vs planning, driving the Netflix deal and when and how strategy can sometimes fall down.