Leaders in EDI: The Food & Hospitality industry (with Black Eat LDN’s Jackson Mclarty)

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

24-07-2023 • 44 mins

The Founder of Black Eats LDN joins the series to discuss inclusivity in an industry that, through necessity, affects every living person.

Leaders in EDI shines a light on the progress being made and the challenges being faced in the equity, diversity and inclusion space across sport and neighbouring industries. This season of the Leaders in EDI podcast series will feature perspectives from outside of the sports industry to develop a more holistic view of the EDI sector, to discuss what specific challenges other industries face, and to understand what we can learn from how they tackle them.

This episode features Jackson Mclarty, speaking on the food, beverage & hospitality industry. Mclarty is the Founder of Black Eats LDN, the UK’s first and (so far) only Black-owned restaurant directory. The organisation is a purpose-led platform that offering resources, consultancy services and curates exciting events content in order to platform Black-owned business and offer others the opportunity to engage with the culture. The organisation has hosted events that have seen 150,000+ attendees, and features 300+ restaurants with brand partners including Uber and Apple.

The conversation, beginning at 4.27, includes conversation around appropriation vs. appreciation, the importance of affordability, how and why the traditional gender role of ‘woman as cook’ is not reflected in the number of professional chefs, and how diversifying food options at sports venues could positively impact the fan experience.