The Blueprint: New York Giants’ Russell Scibetti

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

22-08-2023 • 36 mins

Insights on strategic thinking with the VP of Strategy and Business Intelligence at one of the NFL’s cornerstone franchises.

This is the Blueprint, the podcast brought to you by Leaders and Deltatre about straightforward strategic thinking in sport.

This series teases out insights from leading industry executives about how they strategise. They’ll provide a fresh perspective on sports' most recognisable organisations, with real life examples of where strategy worked (or didn’t).

In this episode, Russell Scibetti, who created and manages the Business Intelligence department at the New York Football Giants, joins Leaders’ Content Director David Cushnan and Deltatre’s Commercial Strategy Lead Max Barnett to discuss strategy as alignment, how to correctly maximise use of data and how the leagues work with clubs for a fan-first approach.

Note: This interview was conducted over video call, so there may be some slight distortion in the panel segment but this should not take away from your listening experience.