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14-04-2022 • 41 mins

Srihari Guru Prasad Thimmapuram (Guru Thimmapuram) is a published author and international conference speaker. As an Enterprise Agile Coach, he is helping Societe Generale in their Agile @ Scale transformation. Guru is also a technology enthusiast, passionate about technical agility coaching, and takes pride in continuous learning. You can find Guru as an active contributor in many agile and tech communities.

Kiran Kashyap is a published author and an agility enthusiast. As a Senior Scrum Master at Lowe's, he has taught agility and DevOps to his teams. He enjoys exploring ways of teaching and practicing technical agility, with a unique flavor of his own. He is also a familiar speaker in international Agile and DevOps conferences, with a knack for demo-based interactive talks.

Vivek Ganesan is an entrepreneur and has created two SaaS products (FaceQuest and Notesally). He has authored two books. He is also a freelance consultant who has helped both startups and enterprises to improve their agility. His consulting assignments have been in the areas of technical agility, process agility, leadership coaching and DevOps. He is a well-known speaker at multiple international conferences.


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