Sex, Spirituality, & Tantra Yoga with Miriam Elyse!

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01-07-2021 • 35 mins


If you’ve been suffering from trauma, then fear not because you are not alone. Trauma hurts our ability to not only form authentic connections with not just others but with ourselves as well. That is why I’ve invited Miriam Elyse, a certified yoga instructor, and an advocate of spiritual yoga.

In this episode, Miriam Elyse goes in-depth about yoga as not just a means for physical wellness but as an avenue for self-healing and liberation.

If you’re looking for a path of growth and self-exploration, then this episode is definitely worth listening to!


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Episode Highlights:

  • Miriam’s journey into yoga and meditation
  • Tantra Yoga vs. Yoga
  • Connecting spirituality and sexuality
  • How trauma affects you and learning to listen to your body
  • How to get started
  • How Tantra Yoga helps you

Connect with Miriam Elyse:

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