(144) Working with Canadians? Best Host Agency for YOU? Becoming a Top Seller of Travel!

HAR's Travel Agent Chatter | Friday 15

23-02-2024 • 21 mins

In episode 144 Steph chats with the fabulous Jenn Lee of TPI as they answer some great questions from you, our audience. Here are this week's questions! 1. I have turned down several Canadians because I'm afraid I'm not licensed to work with them. But I've recently been told this isn't correct.. Can you please help me figure out what the current regulations are? I'm talking specifically about potential clients who live in Canada booking through me, a Tennessee-based agent. I've been reached by a couple in Vancouver and one in Toronto wanting to plan honeymoons to the Caribbean. We were specifically looking at Sandals, which I'm sure does tons of business with all nationalities. But I wanted to look at other resorts as well. Thanks for any insight you can provide! --Kristina C. 2. How do you find the best Host Agency for you? –Tracy E. 3. How do you become a top seller of travel? –Tracy E. TODAY’S RESOURCES: https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/canadian-regulations-travel-agencies-nutshell (Canadian travel agency regulations in a nutshell) https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/travel-industry-lawyer-list (Travel industry attorney list) https://www.carpentertaylor.com/ (Tom Carpenter’s law office) https://www2.arccorp.com/articles-trends/the-latest/fraud-awareness-webinar-recap-2023-schemes-2024-readiness/ (ARC’s webinar on fraud) https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/tips-on-how-to-find-the-best-travel-host-agency (Download our free excel sheet with questions to ask your prospective host agencies) https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/independent-travel-agent-contracts (Things to look for in your host agency contract) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdEeS4KrdBLqVDL24Cw8Mw2XeMQVBwmec (Watch all of Host Week on our YouTube playlist!) https://www.youtube.com/live/tT7cHbr_y-g?feature=shared&t=16745 (Jenn’s EduSpot on Curating a Loyal Fanbase: Creating Meaningful Connections) https://www.youtube.com/live/tT7cHbr_y-g?feature=shared&t=3894 (Host Week One Thing on Using Admins to Grow your Biz) https://www.youtube.com/live/uSpIVKiHowY?feature=shared&t=17445 (EduSpot with Tamay Shannon on using ChatGPT for your agency) https://har.news/advrm -Travel advisor roadmap

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