2024 Host Week - Fri - EduSpots, Storytelling To Sell, Aubrey Jackson

HAR's Travel Agent Chatter | Friday 15

21-02-2024 • 17 mins

Aubrey Jackson's 10 years of journalistic experience and love of travel serve as the perfect ingredients for content creation success. The TV news anchor turned luxury travel specialist discovered organic marketing success by creating content that "tell stories" of destinations she highlights, further educating her online audience while enlightening her clients. During this Host Week workshop you will learn how to utilize storytelling to create content that informs your audience and inspires them to complete an action like "book a call" with you and leave the session with actionable steps to begin creating content today and the best apps to use and download right to your iphone, to create 30 to 60 length video content that converts! Take away: •- Identifying "your go to platform" short form content is everywhere and though you may feel like you have to be, I advise choosing a platform to master and in this session I will share why Tiktok became my "platform of choice" - What type of storyteller are you? Story Type #1: Educational Story. ... (inform and educate) Story Type #2: Entertainment Story. ... (sell a dream) Story Type #3: Vulnerable/personal Story. ... (share a relatable experience) - Best apps to download to and use for editing on your phone Host Week 2024 Landing Site: https://har.news/hostweek View Host Week Magazine: https://har.news/2024HWmagazine Host Week Specials: https://har.news/deals Register for Host Week 2025: https://har.news/signupHW2025 7-Day Setup Course with HAR: https://har.news/7DScourse Host Week 2024 Survey: https://har.news/hwsurvey

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