2024 Host Week - Fri - EduSpot, Curating A Loyal Fanbase, Jenn Lee

HAR's Travel Agent Chatter | Friday 15

21-02-2024 • 25 mins

Have you ever seen one of your friends, family members or clients post fabulous pictures about the amazing adventure they just took, but they didn’t hire YOU to craft the experience? It happens. Jenn Lee, VP Industry Engagement and Support with TPI, knows EXACTLY why this happens and will share what you should start and stop doing to ensure you have clients for a lifetime. Take away: - Understand what actions you are taking that “push” people away. - Understand what motivates people to stay loyal to your brand. - Strategies to leverage loyal clients to gain more clients. - Strategies to create true connections with your clients. Host Week 2024 Landing Site: https://har.news/hostweek View Host Week Magazine: https://har.news/2024HWmagazine Host Week Specials: https://har.news/deals Register for Host Week 2025: https://har.news/signupHW2025 7-Day Setup Course with HAR: https://har.news/7DScourse Host Week 2024 Survey: https://har.news/hwsurvey

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