2020 Africa Investors Conference, Interview Goolam Ballim

AFRICA: Changing the Narrative

24-06-2020 • 17 mins

Challenges and Opportunities for Africa at the 10th Africa Investors’ Conference

From the Africa Investors Conference, Goolam Ballim, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Standard Bank talks with Teresa Clarke, Chair and CEO of Africa.com.

Mr. Ballim highlighted the stellar GDP growth that Africa has experienced over the past two decades with surging exports and flourishing trade with BRIC countries. Presently, however, Mr. Ballim believes that the impending economic downturn resulting from COVID-19 will be detrimental to the continent with a potential 4% GDP contraction in 2021.

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The Africa Investors Conference is designed to connect institutional investors to leading policymakers and some of Africa's most successful companies, sharing ideas with a view to finding key opportunities for growth on the continent.