Africa’s Portal to Doing Business with the United States

AFRICA: Changing the Narrative

15-10-2020 • 4 hrs 9 mins


This Virtual Summit, the first and the largest of its kind convenes thousands of c-suite executives and decision-makers at African businesses, large and small, to present to you, from the highest ranks, the ways in which the U.S. can assist in growing your businesses through trade, investment, and technical assistance.


Designed specifically to serve African business leaders, this Virtual Summit is a portal, a one stop shop, into the United States Government’s resources at the highest levels. The summit is structured as four sessions taking place in one day.


For decades, The United States Government has funded a number of agencies and platforms to support African companies to do business with both the U.S. government itself, and with the U.S. private sector.  We are pleased to bring these resources together, at one time, in one place, for African business leaders.

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