Women Leading Corporate Africa

AFRICA: Changing the Narrative

13-10-2021 • 2 hrs 57 mins

Why is it that most discussions of African women in business are focused on small and medium-sized businesses?  We want to see African women dream big – why not earn the top spot in a large, complex organization?

On October 13, 2021, we began the journey of supporting every African woman to take on a new dream – climbing the corporate ladder to the number one spot.

In addition to revealing the names of the 50 women on the Africa.com Definitive List of Women CEOs, this podcast features two big discussions:

Beating the Odds, with Harvard Business School’s Tony Mayo’s research on black women graduates of Harvard Business School who made it to the top spot.  He will share what a study of these successful women tells us.

Then, a panel of Women CEOs from the Africa.com Definitive List of Women CEOs react to Professor Mayo’s research by sharing their own journeys to the top of Corporate Africa, and commenting on what is similar to Corporate America, and what it takes for women to get to the top in Corporate Africa.

Finally, we explore the surprising role that stock exchanges are playing worldwide in advocating for women in big business.

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