Halftime Heroes

Sophia Young

What makes a college marching band at a school in rural Southeast Ohio so distinguished? Who would have thought that the band kids would become the main event at college football games? Halftime Heroes follows the Ohio University marching band, the Marching 110: specifically, the dedication and commitment required of its members, past and present, to bring it to its current fame. Many people from locally to nationally know of the 110 and their success, however, just how they operate and the commitment from its members has always been shrouded with some level of mystery. In Halftime Heroes, we lift the veil and take a deeper look into the show band world. Come along as we uncover how the band has evolved, hearing from members past and present about what it takes to make the 110 "the most exciting band in the land."

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Directed, produced and edited by Sophia Young. Additional audio credit to NPR, Eddith Dashiell, Kara Harrison, the OU Marching 110, BBC sound archive and Mary Riddle.

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