Easy Effort Pace, Muscle Cramps, & the BOSU Booty Workout

Running Life: A Fitness Protection Production

25-10-2020 • 30 mins

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This week, Coach MK talks about easy effort pace, muscle cramps, and the BOSU Booty workout.

#WeeklyWins - 4:37

Runner interrupted


  • JJ Jensen ran/walked the MCM.


  • Brenda Haskill had a great run that she said felt so easy.  She said it’s amazing what good sleep can do for you!


  • Sara Seeburg got up early enough to run outside this morning!  And had no walk breaks for 40 minutes!  That's HUGE!!!
  • Corina Terry has been having good runs and is excited because supposedly the last hot day of the year in her area has passed.
  • Emily Sorensen Just finished day 3 of a stacked race challenge: 5k Friday, 10k Saturday, and a 15k today! It was her first-ever 15k, so She set a new PR 😁

Questions - 9:48


ReBuild - 9:48

  • Hi Coach! I'm brand new to Fitness Protection so I have a lot of questions, sorry!   First, as background, I've recently recovered from disordered eating and through my recovery, my body has changed A LOT (but I'm mentally so much better!). My cardiovascular fitness currently is not great because I had to stop exercising for almost a year until I could get to a better place with my relationship with food and exercise. I started FPP this week and walked all of the workouts, trying to keep my HR under 140, but my pace is super slow-- like 20+ minutes a mile. Is that okay for now?
  • Secondly, the only HR monitor I currently have access to is on my Apple Watch, and I don't know how accurate that is. What type of HR monitor is most accurate, or will do the job well enough?
  • Last, I'm not sure if you can help me with this, but I've been having some issues with muscle cramping. My calves feel tight when I'm walking, and some movements in the strength circuits cause my muscles to cramp up. Sometimes when I'm just moving when I'm not exercising my muscles will cramp up suddenly too. I'm pretty good about keeping hydrated throughout the day. I've tried working with my PCP but haven't been able to figure out a root cause yet. Is there anything you suggest?

Maintain - 22:20

  • Is there a place where we can find your old Bosu series?  I’ve been wanting to dust the BOSU off and get back on it.

Coach MK's Deep Thought of the Week - 23:56

Links -

Bosu Booty 1 - https://youtu.be/M7ujZS5jKWI

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