It‘s Not Time Wasting, It‘s Game Managment

Sit Down Or We‘ll Steal Your Club

22-10-2021 • 57 mins

This week...

Tony thinks that you can't teach instinct. John struggles with technology. Dan loses his train of thought, because... Alby goes to the loo, but forgets to turn his camera off, and we're joined by none other than returning hero, and housewives' favourite, Sam, who gives us a crash course in how to speak Wigan.

We also don't look back on a disappointing loss to The Shrews, as none of us could be bothered going, do look back on a spectacular win against the aforementioned Latics, and look forward to a visit from The Millers.

All this, and more, can be yours at the click of a mouse. Just don't expect accuracy.

Presented by Tony Hawkins, John Taylor, Daniel Palmer, Young Alby, and special guest Sam Swanton.

Produced & edited by John Taylor.

Sit Down Or We'll Steal Your Club is a SDOWSYC production for Primary Recordings.

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