The Nikki Glaser Podcast

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Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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Our Editor's Take

The Nikki Glaser Podcast has a simple yet funny premise. Nikki Glaser is a famous standup comedian. She also stars in the Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? reality show. And she hosted HBO MAX's FBOY Island dating show.

This podcast is the audio version of The Nikki Glaser Podcast YouTube video show. Comedian Andrew Collin cohosted many of these episodes until leaving the show in 2022. The show examines current-pop culture events with a comedian's eye. What was up with Taylor Swift's Midnights album drop? Why did Paris Hilton send Nikki a box of cookware? What was FBOY Island like? Listeners can hear the details.

From the Andrew Shares segment to the Succinct Short Story Circle Segment, the episodes are a collection of amusing moments. Both the ridiculous and amazing aspects of Nikki's personal life are subject to recap. Nikki is from St. Louis, and she sang the National Anthem at the city's 2022 Thanksgiving parade. So she jokes about the experience on this podcast.

Refreshing and authentic, The Nikki Glaser Podcast may have listeners laughing out loud. The show even has a hotline where fans can leave them voicemails. The podcast also has interesting guests. Musician Anya Marina and actress Carlisle Forrester made memorable appearances.

Despite its simple premise, The Nikki Glaser Podcast is much more than a recap of current events. It makes everything amusing, from the opening theme song to the final thought. Nikki is a staple on Comedy Central and is the star of her own Netflix special. This fast-paced commentary and controversial opinions may have first-time listeners engaged. This positivity-based show is good for some escape and laughter.

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