176 - Dopey Dave and Jed talk about being Gurus, Phish, and an exclusive Dopey announcement!

Church & Other Drugs

07-09-2020 • 1 hr 2 mins

Greetings, Congregation! Hope everyone is well out there. First off, thanks to new Patrons Mike Wenzel and Noah G.! You guys rule. Jed starts the episode by reading a message from Ben Pelfrey and giving Jed's must-watch list. Then, Dopey Dave comes back on the show and gives an exclusive announcement for Dopey! Then, in true Jed and Dave form, the conversation meanders from jewishness and kosher foods to yahoo viruses, the concept of being a Guru, being in the public eye, facing ego problems, and losing mentors. Its a great conversation, as it always is. churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com patreon.com/churchandotherdrugs storefrontier.com/churchandotherdrugs