Our Voices: On Living With Disability

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Immerse yourself in short, personal stories from a variety of diverse people. Season 7: On Living With Disability This season we find out what it's like to live with a disability. What are the challenges? How far have we come? and how far still to go to achieve a level of equality that we can be proud of? At Our Voices, we want to give a voice to some of these people, in an attempt to improve our collective understanding of others. See previous seasons below... Season 1: Our Voices in the NHS In this season we celebrate all the wonderful people working in the NHS. We start with stories from people who have emigrated to the UK from around the world, and hear their struggles in doing so, and the diversity they bring. Then we open up the season to anyone working within the NHS to hear how the often hidden work they do benefits us all. The common thread is that human connection is key to keeping going! Season 2: Our Voices at the Olympics In this season we hear the stories of some past, present, and future Olympians. We hear what it takes to make it at that level and the rewards of overcome adversity. Season 3: Our Voices Through Lockdown In this season we hear impassioned stories from people who have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns. Some are uplifting stories of togetherness, and in others we hear the negative impact lockdowns have had on an individuals mental health. But each story has one thing in common. Change. Season 4: Our Voices on Climate Change In this season we hear from the activists and climate science communicators, fighting to save our planet. Season 5: Our Voices on Racism in the UK In this season we hear the intimate and at times harrowing stories of racism from people living in the UK. This terrible scourge of society should be a thing of the past, but unfortunately, millions of people are subjected to bigoted, narrow minded, and down right harmful racist views and actions every single day. Season 6: Celebrating Women in the UK This season we celebrate Women's History Month by the highlighting the contributions of a group of incredible females. They come from different backgrounds and have diverse talents, abilities, and even approaches to life. But each one of them is an inspiration and a role model in their own right. The opinions and views in this podcast are the individuals own. They are given the platform to speak how they feel having been through their unique experiences. Just a heads-up. Not all, but some episodes contain details of racist or sexist abuse, violence, and mentions of suicide. Take care while you’re listening.

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5. "We feel like a fizzy bottle of coke that is being constantly shaken" with Issy Hamlett
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4. Coming to Terms with Sight Loss, Seema Flower3. Using Technology to Promote Disability Awareness with Gavin Neate2. Achieving Paralympic Success Following a Life-changing Injury with Alexandra Rickham1. Overcoming Barriers by Taking a Positive Attitude Towards Disability with Clare GrayTrailer: On Living With Disability8. Learning to Embrace Solo Travel and Self-Discovery with Kate Wills7. "Can my friends come?'' - The Power of Uplifting Communities with Elizabeth Gowing6. Trailblazing Electrochemist On Challenging Sexism in Science with Lesley Yellowlees5. “It Was a Rebirth”: Karen Robertson on the Courage it Took to Gender Transition4. Burns Survivor on Embracing Scars and Becoming “Woman of the Year” with Sylvia Mac3. Pioneering Female Physicist on Challenging Sexism in the Workplace with Dame Athene Donald2. Award Winning Water Sports Instructor on Challenging Sexist Preconceptions with Nicola Stockdale1. From Living with Hearing Loss to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur with Pinky LilaniTrailer: Celebrating Women in the UK8. Racism in the UK - Celebrated Filmmaker Talks About Growing Up Black in Scotland - with Stewart Kyasimire7. Racism in the UK - The Brutality of Racism and Hate Crime - with Zainab Khan6. Racism in the UK - Racism at the BBC didn't stop Natasha Asghar5. Racism in the UK - Living with Racial Prejudice with Mark Esho4. Racism in the UK - Attacked on a train with Graham Campbell, SNP Councillor