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Alex Melia & Fascinate Productions

Immerse yourself in short personal stories from a variety of diverse people. Season 3: Our Voices Through Lockdown gives you an insight into the personal struggles, adversity people have been battling during the Covid-19 lockdowns in the UK. These short weekly stories, aim to show the raw side of humanity. Some subjects are tough to listen to, but a vital narrative in todays world. Scroll further down to find season 1, which focuses on the people that make up our brilliant NHS, to season 2 for stories from Team Great Britain's Olympic athletes from the past, as well as some Tokyo hopefuls. The opinions and views in this podcast are the individuals own. They are given the platform to speak how they feel having been through their unique experiences.
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Trailer: On Climate Change
7. Lee Krevat - On a Mission to Change the World and avoid a Climate Crisis6. Louise Romain - On Fighting to End Ecocide5. Steven Beschloss - On the Devastating Effect of Extreme Weather Events4. Tara Bellerose - On Learning to Live with Nature3. Simon Clark - On Enacting Change & Lowering Emissions2. Rollie Williams - On Pollution & Forest Fires1. Dave Borlace - On Renewable EnergyTrailer: On Climate Change7. May Parsons - On Administering the First Covid-19 Vaccine6. Steven Garden - On Shedding Over 140 Pounds During Lockdown5. Ella and Luke - On Being a Kid During Lockdown4. Carlos Adams - On Parenting a Troubled Teen During Lockdown3. Matthew Easton - On Seeing the Person Before the Condition2. Chrissy Kelly - On Food Banks During Lockdown1. Mike McCarthy - On his Son's Depression and SuicideTrailer: Through Lockdown7. Olympics - Tony Jeffries, Olympic boxer6. Paralympics - Susie Rodgers, Paralympic Swimmer5. Olympics - Tom Bosworth, Tokyo Olympian, Race Walking4. Olympics - Holly Bradshaw, Tokyo Olympian, Pole Vault