A Book of Kin


Lili Kamber is an advocate for health freedom, natural healing modalities and spiritual growth. Her children have in many ways been the driving force behind many of her families decisions over the last few years and the push that was needed to start this podcast.
Moving away from the city, living on a homestead in the mountains, growing their own food, homeschooling are just some of the ways Lili and her family live now.

The Book of Kin podcast brings unfiltered  important and often controversial content from fascinating people.  Covering all aspects of health & nutrition, east / west herbalism & medicine, raising a new generation of children, motherhood, homeschooling, farming & homesteading, family run eco businesses and much more! In the Hopes of inspiring and helping to motivate us for improvements in our own walks of life and a better future for our children.

The Book of Kin was originally created to be writing's from one's own family.
We write-  whats happening in or around us.  The purpose of this is to pass on an accurate account of historical events as seen and experienced by one's own family. This book is to be passed on to one's children so they may continue the writing for their own children and so on...

One day our children will be able to read real accounts of history written by our own hands, or listen in on podcasts like this, and you can bet it's going to look a lot different to the history books that will be being handed out in the classroom!

Lili is also the creator of a natural skincare line- https://www.Babilastar.com
Substack- https://bookofkin.substack.com/

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