A Song's Transformation: The Journey of 'Before We Go'


05-08-2023 • 17 mins

In this week's episode of Tebovision, we're talking about persistence, discipline, and the magic of revisiting old projects with new perspectives.

We kick things off by diving into a topic that's dear to my heart: the importance of never giving up (00:15). I firmly believe that success often hides just around the corner, waiting for us to take that one more step. It's all about discipline, rather than motivation (02:31). Through it, we can weather the good days and bad, staying focused on our goals.

In line with this spirit of determination, I'm excited to announce the next song from my 24-song originals project. It's a track I released back in 2020, called 'Before We Go' (04:47). This time around, I'm giving it a makeover, aiming for a more relaxed vibe and incorporating Ram Ko on violin.

Join me as I lay down new drum tracks (08:34) and bass and acoustic guitars for 'Before We Go' (12:30 and 15:52). I'll also be integrating the original lead guitar track, masterfully recorded by my good friend Enzo Lucia back in 2020 (15:25).

To wrap it all up, I head over to Cunninghams Pub to host my weekly songwriter open mic jam night (17:02).

As always, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! I look forward to sharing more about my musical journey with you with new videos posted daily. Keep chasing your dreams, and remember: it's never too late to revise a note, revisit a song, or redefine your path.

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