Music, Cats, and Autumn Leaves: Tebo's November Chronicles


21-11-2023 • 11 mins

🎵🐱 "Hey everyone, it's Paul Tebo here, bringing you another week in the life of a Montreal indie singer-songwriter with the latest episode of Tebovision. This week, join me for a blend of music, everyday moments, and of course, some adorable cat shenanigans in the studio. These little feline friends always know how to find the center of action!

🎤 00:25 Tebo Solo at Mckibbins Plateau

Come along for a snippet of my solo acoustic show at Mckibbins Pub in the vibrant Plateau district of Montreal. The energy here is always electric, and the people make every performance unforgettable.

☀️ 01:54 Mid November in Montreal

Experience a typical content creator's day with me, as I make the most of a sunny mid-November day in Montreal. Raking leaves and cleaning gutters might be chores, but they're a part of the life I love and wouldn't trade for anything.

🦢 02:20 Canadian Geese

On my morning run, I encountered a huge flock of Canadian geese, still lingering in the north. It's a sight to behold and a reminder of nature's unpredictable ways.

🎸 02:37 Cunninghams Jammers

Dive into the heart of the local music scene at my weekly Thursday night open mic at Cunninghams Pub. The variety of talent that shows up here is always inspiring and a testament to the amazing local musicians we have.

💰 07:42 Tipping is Sexy

A local pub manager added a creative touch to my tip jar, a gesture that underlines the supportive spirit of staff in the service industry.

🤘 08:05 Mercenaries at Mckibbins Plateau

Finally, rock out with me and my 4-piece band, Tebo & the Mercenaries, as we electrify the crowd at Mckibbins on St Laurent. It was one of those nights that remind us why we live for music.

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