Musical Magic: Coincidences, Craft Beers & Creativity | Tebovision


18-09-2023 • 30 mins

In this jam-packed episode of Tebovision, I find myself at a crossroads. The eternal debate: Should I focus locally or aim to grow globally? Networking and connecting on the ground gives you solid allies, but an online presence has no boundaries. 🌎 The universe seems to be pointing me in a direction, though, with the unbelievable coincidences I've experienced this week, proving the undeniable power of karma and manifestation. ✨ As I dive deep into crafting the lyrics for my 3AM song, 'By the Brook,' I'm challenging myself to elevate what I believe is one of my best compositions. 🎵 The creativity does not stop at lyrics, but pushes boundaries as I design a soundscape that merges the real with the ethereal. But, it's not all work! I take a break to reward our loyal jammers at Cunninghams Pub and to prepare for an upcoming Oktoberfest dinner with some special treats and authentic brews, thanks to an unexpected run-in with Will Tomkinson from Cardinal Brewery! 🍺 As I continue on the journey of 'By the Brook,' I record my acoustic guide track, setting the foundation for the drums and the rest of the musical journey. Stick around till the end, as we get a sneak peek into the Oktoberfest party preparations, guaranteed to make your mouth water! Let's dive in! #TebovisionVlog #SongwritingJourney #ByTheBrook #KarmaInMusic #Oktoberfest2023 #IndieMusicLife #LocalVsGlobal #CraftBeerAdventures #CunninghamsJam #MontrealMusicScene #BehindTheMusic #OpenMicNights #WestIslandMontreal #CreativeProcess #PaulTeboMusic

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