A Week of Music, Mischief, and Montreal Magic with Tebo


26-10-2023 • 24 mins

Hey there! It's Paul Tebo here, and you're about to dive into another adventure-packed episode of the Tebovision weekly vlog! 🎸

Kicking off, my 4-piece rock band, the 'Mercenaries', takes over Mckibbins in the Plateau, and let me tell you, the energy from those young patrons was absolutely electrifying! 🎉 But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I had back-to-back intimate solo gigs at Mckibbins in both Pointe Claire and downtown Montreal on Bishop Street. Let's just say, my guitar and I have been inseparable.

Now, every musician has their battle scars, and mine came in the form of a cymbal stand needing repair. Big shout out to Pete for his speedy repair on short notice. Also, 'Silent Running', the 4am track in my 24-hour originals project, is back on the workbench. Dive with me into the deep as I get playful recording the 'Sea Bass' tracks and yes, sigh, using a pick on bass for the first time ever.

The studio cats? Well, they're just chilling, offering their quiet support (or perhaps judgment?). And I have a confession to make regarding one of my drum overhead mic recordings. It's a facepalm moment, but hey, we live and learn!

Ever wondered what guide cues I use for rhythmic changes? Or how I feel about the world of YouTube Live Streaming? We're diving deep into that too. Also some great footage from the Wednesday my livestream, and the fantastic jammers at Cunninghams Pub in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.

On a lighter note, those Canadian Geese sure know how to show their support during my runs! 🦢 Also, you'll witness me making a return to Costco for one of the most basic yet essential needs - batteries.

Now, gear up for the grandeur that is the Visionaries! Packing up almost my entire studio, we played live at Mckibbins in Pointe Claire, bringing the house down. And to top off this whirlwind of a week, join me in the studio as we prep and groove to some unforgettable jams at the LV Studios Quarterly Jam Party.

Stay tuned till the end, and if you crave more in-depth adventures, remember to follow for notifications. Cheers! 🎵🍻

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