Transcending Realms with ‘By the Brook’ | Tebovision Vlog


26-09-2023 • 34 mins

Join me, Paul Tebo, on a creative expedition in this episode of Tebovision as I breathe life into 'By the Brook,' the 3 AM song in my ambitious 24-song project. Witness the birth of the rhythm section as I set up a cocktail drum kit (00:15), opting for a mono overhead mic to infuse a vintage vibe (01:07). The rhythmic heart finds its pace with a custom click track (01:46), paving the way for the driving beats of the cocktail kit (02:37). The venture deepens as I grapple with the tempo, recording the 'ghost' drum tracks on a larger kit (03:50 to 06:19), a narrative layered with electric bass (07:05), and acoustic guitars (10:01). Amidst capturing the dream-like aura of 'By the Brook,' reflections on release frequency (16:19), and musical passion resonate (26:31). A palette of sonic colors emerges from explorations in sidechain compression and reverb magic (17:21), and some late-night vocal sessions (19:38). Every strum, beat, and lyric inches closer to a surreal musical narrative, punctuated by local jam night adventures (09:56 & 21:14) and a glimpse into upcoming Tebovision content (29:40). Dive into this profound journey of indie song crafting, share your insights, and stay tuned for more melodious stories on Tebovision! #IndieMusicJourney #SongCreationChronicles #ByTheBrook #MusicalDreamscapes #IndieSongCrafting #TebovisionVlog #RecordingDiaries #PsychedelicBeats #CreativeExpedition #DrumbeatDiaries #SonicPalette #MusicProductionAdventures #PaulTeboMusic #IndieMusicCreation #SoundSculpting #IndieMusicRealm