Musical Deep Dive: Crafting 'Silent Running' & More with Paul Tebo


17-10-2023 • 25 mins

Join me, Paul Tebo, in this week's episode of Tebovision, where I embark on a heartfelt journey reminiscing on my musical rebirth a year ago and the leap I've taken from where I once was. Dive in as I showcase the sheer talent of musicians I proudly stand beside, and cringe with me at some unexpected studio cat antics. As we stroll through the newly designed studio space, feel the vibe of my solo performances at various venues in Montreal and gain an intimate look into the creation process behind the revamp of my 4AM original song 'Silent Running'. From driving inspirations like Golden Earring's 'Radar Love' to crafting the dreamy submarine theme, I peel back the layers of this song's essence. Walk with me through the technicalities of setting up drums in Ableton, and meet my close friend and fellow songwriter Brian Gallagher as we share a song, a drink, and a few light-hearted moments. Experience my inaugural Wednesday night YouTube live music stream from LV Studios, the hustle of songwriter nights, and the undeniable love I've developed for the Allen & Heath CQ-20 digital mixer. Discover the importance of saving instrument presets and marvel at the sound mastery of Kevin Roul. We'll wrap up with more of my solo acts and an unforgettable night cheering for the iconic Black Cadillacs. Join the conversation, drop a comment, and let's keep the music alive. If you crave more behind-the-scenes footage and in-depth discussions, don't forget to check out the full-length Tebovision vlog episode! 🎶🎸 ➡️ Subscribe for More Highlights and Full Episodes: 👥 Join the Tebovision Community:

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