Talking Toughness with Binod Shankar (Part One)

Talking Toughness

21-08-2023 • 29 mins

Our guest for this and the following podcast is Binod Shankhar.

Binod is well known across the Middle East as the founder of Genesis – now Kaplan Professional Middle East – which is one of the leading providers of training for CFA charter holders in the region. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst.

He appears on regional TV as a pundit on financial and economic affairs and is a passionate advocate of proactive strategies for success in life and in work.

He is now developing a successful career as an executive coach for professionals who want to move up to the C Suite. Since training in the use of the mental toughness concept, he has incorporated that into much of his work.

He is a thoughtful person who reflects on and learns from everything he sees and experiences which has led him to distil this into a bestselling book Let's Get Real: 42 Tips for the Stuck Manager.

In this book and in this podcast, he focuses on the individual where he explores confidence, challenge, fear of failure, learning from your experiences and procrastination, as factors which either help or hinder you in the journey through life.

Always interesting and never dull, this is a “must listen” podcast.