Talking Toughness with Dean Mumm

Talking Toughness

24-07-2023 • 31 mins

In this podcast, we welcome back Dean Mumm. As captain of the Australian Rugby Union team, the Wallabies and captain of Exeter Chiefs rugby club, Dean faced and dealt with many challenges.

What we learned in our earlier podcasts is that Dean and Sarah, his wife, had, at the same time, dealt with far greater personal challenges which tested every aspect of their resilience and positivity.

Dean and his wife lost their first four children to pre-term birth. It is difficult to imagine what that must feel like.

In this podcast, Dean shares with us what happened, how they felt and how they responded. It is a description of self-belief, of hope and optimism, of grit and determination.

Now, parents to two beautiful children, Dean and Sarah channel their considerable energy into the Bourne HMRI Foundation raising funds to support research into pre-term birth.

If anyone wants to understand what a positive and resilient mindset is and what it can achieve, this is it. As Dean so eloquently puts it in the podcast “No one says we can't have children, yes - it is going to be difficult but yes - we want to have a family, so what do you do? You keep going”.

Its humbling and inspiring in equal measure.

This is what being self-aware about your mental toughness can achieve.

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