Talking Toughness with with Gaj Ravichandra (Part Two)

Talking Toughness

06-11-2023 • 25 mins

The big challenge is to open up your mind to the world of opportunity. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, explore and seize the opportunity.

Our guest is Gaj Ravichandra, an internationally acclaimed executive coach who has a down to earth approach to his craft which is truly evidence based and delivers real results.

Co-founder of Kompass The Coaching Company, Gaj shares his time between Australia and the UAE as well as working in Europe, Asia and North America. He has a deep interest in career management and he is also a board member of ARBORA Global Career Partners.

Gaj is an early adopter of the mental toughness concept which he has woven into his thinking.

In this second part, Gaj challenges the benefits of the transformation and the curse of short-termism and how this can impact on leadership practice. Interestingly, much of his work is with entrepreneurs. He has learned to recognise what he calls 'the billionaire mindset' – embracing a particular relationship with risk.

Again, understanding something that applies to all – success can often mean having the ability to be comfortable with discomfort. How to see opportunity and not be put off by the threat.

This relationship with risk is important for success at all levels.

Gaj has an uncanny ability to explain his thoughts and ideas with true clarity. Listen and learn.