THE MEDMEN SHOW - MEDDIC for your SDRs - Episode #2


06-10-2023 • 10 mins

THE BOYS ARE BACK.. and with a bang!

SDRs, we all love them.. they are a vital part of our sales process and the way in which we interact with customers. They’re typically the first point of contact for customers too.

In the same breath, they’re usually the newest to the industry in which they’re working in, and the newest to the product that they’re selling..

So why is it that we task them with this great responsibility of capturing a prospects attention, without setting them up for success with a qualification framework?

Watch this episode to find out just some of the reasons why MEDDIC can help not only the business but SDRs too, whether that’s applying some of the methodology to identify and contact Champions, being able to identify pain and introduce metrics in discovery or setting up your SDR for early success as they inevitably prepare to move up the ladder to an AE role.

If there’s something you’d like Pim and Andy to discuss in the next episode of MEDMEN, comment below!

Until then, May your Champions be strong!

**Who are Pim Roelofsen and Andy Whyte?**

**Pim Roelofsen**

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Pim lived in the Dutch Caribbean and London, before making the move back home.

Having been involved in tech sales for 10 years, Pim is passionate about MEDDICC and is a big believer that more organizations should adopt the qualification framework for sales and beyond. Pim utilizes this framework as an individual contributor whilst taking a holistic approach across the on-scale international implementation.

Out of the day-to-day, Pim chairs the Pavilion MEDDIC channel.

**Andy Whyte**

The founder of MEDDICC™ and the author of the five-star rated “MEDDICC’ book, it’s no surprise that Andy has an impressive sales career spanning over 18 years.

Andy first started out as a door-to-door, double-glazing salesman where he quickly built up an appetite for sales, hungry for more, he started his B2B career as an SDR, progressing through the ranks to eventually lead the EMEA at Branch before moving on to set up MEDDICC™.

Andy used MEDDIC in multiple companies as an individual contributor and sales leader and even implemented MEDDPICC into two SaaS organizations. Known for his mantra “Nobody ever regrets qualifying out” and his passion for the science and art of sales.

Away from the day-to-day, Andy practices many skills as a chef, sports coach, taxi, and cleaner in his most important role to date - DAD.