THE MEDMEN SHOW - What people get wrong with the Paper Process - Episode #9


13-11-2023 • 5 mins

It might surprise you, but when it comes to the Paper Process, people can go wrong by focusing too much on the Process of it all! When we assume it’s a clear step-by-step path, we can create obstacles for ourselves.

In this episode of MEDMEN, Andy and Pim take a close look at the Paper Process to explain the common errors encountered with it, and more importantly, the key to success with it!

Like with the Decision Process, a mistake people tend to make with the Paper Process is by assuming the customer has a clear understanding of what it is. Rather than trying to discover what the process is, you need to discover what makes up that process. Namely, the people, the timing, and the dependencies.

If you have any questions about the Paper Process, or any suggestions of what you’d like to see the MEDMEN cover next, make sure to comment below!

Until next time - cheers!