THE MEDMEN SHOW - What people get wrong with the Decision Process - Episode #8


18-10-2023 • 9 mins

At first glance, the Decision Process isn’t as mysterious as other MEDDPICC elements. When asked about it, most sellers will have an answer for where they are. Still, people do make mistakes when it comes to the Decision Process - and in this episode of Med Men, Andy and Pim delve into those mistakes.

Andy and Pim want to remind sales people that the Decision Process begins right at the first inkling of an opportunity, and it involves every choice they make along the journey. Not just will they buy your solution, but will they have a second meeting with you?

When you consider every step along the way, you can take control of the Decision Process.

Sales people need to remember that with the Decision Process there will always be more than you initially uncover, so don’t leave it to the customer to steer.

If you have any questions about the Decision Process, or any suggestions of what you’d like to see the MEDMEN cover next, make sure to comment below!

Until next time - cheers!


MEDMEN is a MEDDICC MEDIA production, where CEO Andy Whyte and CRO Pim Roelofsen dive into aspects of the MEDDIC framework, and look good doing it.