Claudine's Bites of Inspiration

29-10-2021 • 22 mins

Move your heart closer and closer to God and HE will come even closer to you.”  That scripture is too pure and beautiful. I felt His love as I read it. I felt His heart calling as I read that verse, especially in TPT. He wants fellowship. He wants all of us, not part, all of us. He wants us to know Him. To know Him is to love Him. He wants union. He wants partnership.  He wants to make us his habitation. He wants to share His life with us. He even wants to dance with you. Have you ever danced with the Father? Or when was the last time you dance with your Heavenly Father? And so, fellowship and Intimacy with God is about giving Him ALL of your attention, and all of our affection rather than the amount of spiritual activity you're involved in.  That's something to think about huh? Well, let me say that again for someone in the back just in case they missed it:) Fellowship and Intimacy with the Father are about giving Him ALL of your attention, it’s about drawing close to Him, It’s about giving all your affection, rather than thinking the amount of spiritual activity you're involved in equals intimacy with the Father.  Because you know, sometimes we think that because we do this and that, it equals Intimacy. Sometimes we confuse what we do for the King as intimacy with the King. Take a listen to the rest of the Podcast and allow Holy Spirit to minister to you. Oh and I forgot that there's music playing in the background and so I'm not sure what it sounds like once I started worshiping. Ugh! Enjoy anyway:) Don't forget to Subscribe, Share and Leave a 5-star review.