Claudine's Bites of Inspiration

Claudine V. Hicks

This is a faith-based Podcast and as a Believer and Life Coach, my mission is to Encourage| Inspire and Impart what God has placed on me through my relationship with the Holy Spirit, and to help people walk in their true authentic self. Which comes through aligning themselves with what Heaven says about them. This is a place where you will hear stories and experiences from me and featured guests on how like Queen Esther, God can use anyone no matter their background or experience, to bring forth deliverance, healing, and hope on the earth, all for His Glory. Disclaimer: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the centers of all that I do because it's in Him I live, function and have my identity. Act 17:28(tpt) My passion is to recreate Jesus Christ in my sphere and to be a catalyst of change on the earth. Because that is the will of the Father. read less
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