Curtis Strange - Part 1 (The Early Years)

FORE the Good of the Game

20-01-2024 • 44 mins

Member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and back-to-back winner of the U.S. Open Championship, Curtis Strange joins us to tell the story of his start in golf as his game developed under the watchful eye of his golf professional father until his passing when Curtis was just 14. He fondly recounts his college golf days at Wake Forest playing on one of the greatest teams of all time. Curtis shares the feeling of being paired with Jack Nicklaus at his first Masters, what he really meant in his highly critiqued and infamous 1996 Tiger Woods interview and how truly special the exploits of our superstars really are. Curtis Strange shares his early story, "FORE the Good of the Game."

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"FORE the Good of the Game” is a golf podcast featuring interviews with World Golf Hall of Fame members, winners of major championships and other people of influence in and around the game of golf. Highlighting the positive aspects of the game, we aim to create and provide an engaging and timeless repository of content that listeners can enjoy now and forever. Co-hosted by PGA Tour star Bruce Devlin, our podcast focuses on telling their life stories, in their voices. Join Bruce and Mike Gonzalez “FORE the Good of the Game.”

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