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How to Make Empowered Choices
How to Make Empowered Choices
What if I could just snap my fingers and eliminate your limitation of “ what others think of you”?Let’s be honest, your life isn’t truly yours if you constantly care what others think of you.For myself, this conditioned response stemmed from my childhood of being “loved” on conditions. Into my adult years, I was constantly making choices as a way to find approval, validation or just not have that confrontational conversation. My body would be screaming at me just to listen to her & instead make the choice that felt aligned… but did I listen????NO.Of course not because instead of listening to the ONE person (myself) I decided to take the people pleaser route.& boy was it a bumpy ride.32 years later, I have finally eliminated the noise. I must also add, this was 5 years of consistently working HARD to reprogram in the uncomfortable. I didn’t just wake up a Super Hero.I was recently challenged to see if I would stay on this path and choose to stay true to myself.AND y’all, I DID.Not everyone agrees with my choice and not everyone will, because they are not ME.Fast forward a week later and I feel FREE. I feel like a can BREATHE and my body has been communicating this celebration.Okay I swear there is a moral of the story,What would look different in your life if you were not living into other peoples expectations or projections?Are you scared to step into your power knowing that someone else might have an option about it?Connect with you authentic self today & if it’s scary, start small.….if You’ve been wanting to wear the bright pink top but the black is the Trend that everyone is loving?Who FN cares, get on that pink top babe. It’s your time to shine ✨We have a website! Check us out at www.shesayshesayspodcast.comFollow us on Instagram! www.instagram.comm/shesayshesayspodcastQuestions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at