Change Is Needed, Change Is Necessary

Eagle of Encouragement

16-07-2022 • 19 mins

Reading an excerpt from my book "Father Give Me The Heart" about change. Also learning about the word change mean from If you're ready for a new heart, buy my book directly from me, at your local bookstore or online. Father, Give Me The Heart and You're Not The Only One... that has been hurt, violated, abused and has Overcome If you have any questions or comments,you can leave a voicemail message, email me at, visit my social media pages on Instagram/Twitter (authorlexilex), Facebook (Author LexiLex) or my website at Thank you for tuning in to Eagle of Encouragement and remember to keep on soaring like an eagle in your heart, in your mind, and throughout life and remember somebody needs the gift that God put in you. Have a great day. --- Send in a voice message: