1: Digital transformation and the shifting role of pharma marketing

PodMetRx - Making the Patient Voice Matter

01-06-2021 • 35 mins

In this first episode of The Patient Voice, host Clare English is joined by Gaurav Sanganee, founder of Closing Delta, a consultancy set up to help pharmaceutical companies ‘unlock the digital divide’.
The Patient Voice is a podcast for pharma marketers and everyone interested in how technology can help create better health outcomes for patients. The podcast is sponsored by PatientMetRx, provider of trusted social intelligence insights for the world’s leading drug brands.
Patients are more demanding. They want to know more about their medicines. Pharma is more sophisticated and can offer personalised medicine. Following the onset of the pandemic, pharma has had to adopt and accelerate digital transformation plans. Traditional marketing models have changed forever. Pharma marketeers must quickly embrace new channels and tools to market their medicines and build their brands. Just how is the role of the pharma marketeer shifting?