Mathis Landwehr - Germany's Martial Arts Star (Action Talks #45)

Action Talks with Eric Jacobus

25-01-2024 • 1 hr 46 mins

Mathis Landwehr an actor, stuntman, producer, and indie action filmmaker. He's known for his show Lasko, The Foreigner, and Kamfansage II (my personal favorite). You can see his IMDB here:
Edited by Tristan Glover
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Blog: Timestamps: 0:05:26 Time constraints shooting "the Last Kumite"
0:06:45 Shooting until it's perfect
0:07:55 How Mathis built his skill set
0:09:31 Inspirations
0:10:40 The film scene in Germany
0:12:11 Why Germany didn't make action films
0:14:44 No German action heros allowed
0:18:21 Mathis's first short film
0:22:34 Did Mathis make the first German martial arts movie?
0:24:24 German people's and regulators perceptions of action movies and violence
0:30:14 Martial arts vs acting
0:32:02 Martial arts culture in Germany
0:33:59 V for Vendetta
0:38:42 Advancing one's choreography skills
0:40:20 How previz changed over time
0:42:16 Lasko Previz
0:46:43 Martial art monk
0:50:44 Different approaches to Kampfensage and Lasko
0:58:30 Action design in Lasko
1:01:45 The feedback about Lasko, the super fans and haters
1:05:04 It's different when Germans watch Germans
1:08:39 Mathis's career after Lasko
1:10:43 Changing his approach and attitude toward action
1:13:44 Stroytelling vs unnecessary fighting / shoe leather
1:17:13 The Foreigner
1:25:16 The Last Kumite and emulating the 80s action film
1:36:53 Finding his own way
1:39:00 Perceptions on violence

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