Chris Troy - Falling, Dancing, Comedy (Action Talks #43)

Action Talks with Eric Jacobus

11-01-2024 • 1 hr 53 mins

Christopher Troy is a stuntman, actor, and a filmmaker. Marvel and Star Wars shows as a fight coordinator, he's worked on Tenet and Shameless, he makes amazing short films on Instagram ( and you can see his IMDB here: Edited by Ian Volner Action Talks on YouTube: Action Talks on Spotify: Action Talks on iTunes: Telegram: My studio SuperAlloy: Blog: 00:01:38 Chris Troy: Today 00:06:24 What are the actor guilds fighting for? 00:12:35 Do you see a parallel with the studios of yesterday and the streaming services of today? 00:15:07 Acting and Stunts: How do you manage the two? 00:20:21 What do you think editors are looking for when it comes to choreo? 00:23:27 What "skills" are needed for commercial acting? 00:26:56 Separating the actor from the human, how easy is it? 00:28:07 From Dancing to Stunts 00:33:18 Learning to fall "ugly" 00:37:23 How does your experience inform your performance? 00:39:00 What do you think makes a solid editor? 00:45:18 Pre-Visis to Production: challenges faced by choreographers 00:47:59 Previs work for auteurs: Is it an amicable process? 00:49:55 Working on Tenet: Nolan's witnessed process 00:54:17 Doubling Back: What do you look for in the actor you'll be doubling 00:59:44 Doubling: Getting into your actor's headspace 01:03:33 Why does comedy stunting hurt so much more than action stunting? 01:04:51 Working on Dayshift 01:08:54 Social Media as an engine for your career 01:11:25 Cultivating your mythos 01:21:00 Innovation in Movement: The Sell 01:24:36 Shorts on socials to short films: What do you set out to accomplish in short form storytelling? 01:27:10 Directing action and camera on "Suppression" 01:30:13 Action Designing with the Camera In-Mind: How much do you consider the camera and the edit in your choreo? 01:32:14 Have you always considered the camera in movement? When or where did it start? 01:33:57 How do you look at movement? With an intention to innovate or...? 01:37:36 From Short to Shoot: Have you travelled the distance from youtube short to feature film? 01:40:51 What was the reception to your feature? 01:43:22 The future of indie action comedy 01:50:21 What are you watching these days and what do you look for while you watch?