Cynthia Rothrock - Hong Kong vs. American Action Cinema (Action Talks #22)

Action Talks with Eric Jacobus

17-08-2023 • 1 hr 43 mins

Cynthia Rothrock is an action star known for films like Yes, Madam!, Righting Wrongs, and Millionaire's Express. We talk about her work in Hong Kong, how working in America was so much different, and what she looks for in action today. You can see her IMDB here: and her HKMDB here: Edited by Angela Jordan Action Talks on YouTube: Action Talks on iTunes: Telegram: My studio SuperAlloy: Blog: 0:01:48 Martial Art Background 0:02:58 Cynthia's Kicking Abilities 0:03:25 Training Regimen to develop powerful kicks 0:05:27 What drove Cynthia to do martial arts 0:06:38 Did you have a natural ability for martial arts? 0:08:03 How Cynthia gop into Hong Kong cinema 0:09:27 Was Corey Yuen looking for a female star or did she change his mind? 0:10:12 Was there a culture shock going to Hong Kong? 0:11:19 Watching Hong Kong movies as a child 0:12:00 Other action films Cynthia watched as a kid 0:13:53 What HK stuntmen thought of her while doing Yes, Madam! 0:16:27 Starring with Michelle Yeoh when she was just starting 0:17:57 Yes, Madam's production schedule and daily routine 0:20:50 Overacting in Hong Kong films 0:21:59 Difficulty in staying in character in the HK style of shooting 0:23:30 Memorizing long strings of choreography 0:25:01 Fighting with Dick Wei 0:27:27 Why use real contact? 0:28:50 Her career after Yes, Madam 0:29:18 Fighting with Hwang Jang Lee 0:31:02 Working with Yuen Biao 0:32:23 Injury before filming Righting Wrongs 0:33:22 The action process on Righting Wrongs 0:34:15 Filming the final fight for Righting Wrongs 0:35:10 Alternate ending for Righting Wrongs 0:36:37 Filming Millionaire's / Shanghai Express 0:38:40 Fighting with Sammo Hung 0:39:58 No stunt double 0:40:58 Wire training 0:41:08 80s Hong Kong action holds up 0:43:12 Filming Magic Crystal 0:45:53 Working with Tony Leung 0:47:46 Fighting with Richard Norton 0:49:19 Wokring on The Inspector Wears Skirts 0:51:32 Meng Hoi's directing style compared to Corey Yuen's 0:51:52 Fighting with Jeff Falcon 0:52:35 Working on Blonde Fury / Lady Reporter 0:56:12 Having a tough guy attitude helping on screen 0:57:16 Corey Yuen directed the ending for Blonde Fury / Lady Reporter 0:58:52 Corey Yuen's inspiration for certain movies at the time 0:59:33 Dedication to the stunt and filming action movies 1:00:54 The HK Stuntman Association 1:01:03 Yuen Tak's style compared to Corey Yuen's 1:01:42 Doing American films while filming HK films 1:03:36 Why wouldn't Hollywood let Cynthia do HK films? 1:04:16 Preference for HK style over American style of shooting action 1:05:59 Cynthia and Richard Norton were the only ones with HK action training 1:07:47 Did American directors not want to do the HK style of action? 1:11:09 Fighting with Benny Urquidez 1:12:40 Difficulties of shooting choreo in America 1:13:54 American fights and coverage style shooting 1:15:07 Being taught to move for undercranking 1:15:58 Memorizing choreography for HK vs. American fights 1:16:34 Did American directors appreciate her acting ability? 1:18:04 Did she try to teach American stuntmen Hong Kong style? 1:20:19 Directing and acting in her next film 1:21:11 Her approach to designing action 1:22:25 What Cynthia is watching these days for inspiration 1:23:36 What Cynthia looks for in modern action scenes 1:25:26 Where her excitement comes from 1:26:23 Did having a child push you in a new way? 1:28:51 Did becoming a parent change your view on violence? 1:30:58 Keeping up with old contacts from Hong Kong 1:32:07 Working with Godfrey Ho 1:34:37 The infamous end fight of Undefeatable 1:39:06 American action film predictions 1:40:30 Advice for new talents

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